Impossible Foods Takes Huge Step Towards Plant-Based Domination

There was a time when it felt like plant-based foods made for great Facebook jokes to those outside of the community, but no one is laughing anymore.

The ubiquity of plant-based meat is now apparent, especially with Impossible Foods announcing this past Wednesday that they are collaborating with a meat processing company called OSI Group.

You’re probably wondering, “WTF does that mean?” Well, what it means is that they now have the capability to ramp up production of their Impossible meats as quickly as it is being demanded — which is a lot.

OSI Group operates over 65 facilities in 17 countries. That gives Impossible a tag team partner that can expand its plant-based product in a way we would have never thought possible.

“OSI has already installed equipment to make the Impossible Burger, and we’ll start seeing new capacity every week.” Senior Vice President of Product and Operations Sheetal Shah said.

Impossible Foods has been making waves for at least five years now, slowly popping up at restaurants across the U.S. from Umami Burger to Momofuku Nishi in New York. Then we started seeing them really pick up production by teaming up with White Castle, which gave them a taste of distributing to a pretty big chain. Then they announced that they would soon be producing Impossible Whoppers for ALL Burger Kings, and it made one wonder how exactly they were going to pick up such a huge production.

Teaming up with OSI now gives them the capability to sustain the demand that a chain like Burger King might bring, along with the possibility of getting into supermarkets the way Beyond Meat has.

In other words, having the plant based company join a global distributor opens the door for anything. We can start seeing Impossible Burgers at more chain restaurants, at more mom & pop restaurants, sports venues, and pretty much anywhere you normally see a burger.

Impossible Foods has found a teammate that can match its big dreams, and that is exciting news for the future of plant-based meats.

By Isai Rocha

Isai is the self-proclaimed Kanye West of burrito eating. He has a hard time trusting vegans, ranch dressing and especially vegan ranch dressing.