IHOP’s Brioche French Toast is the Best Thing Since Sliced (French) Bread

IHOP has changed the lives of French toast fans forever by rolling out a line of brand new Brioche French toast. For the unenlightened, Brioche is the French bread equivalent of sinking your teeth into a cloud — a buttery, fluffy, slightly flaky cloud with just a hint of sweetness. Now imagine that as the foundation for French toast, and you’ll see why IHOP’s announcement has everyone all hot and bothered. And because apparently drowning us in a sea of buttery goodness wasn’t enough, they decided to add a bunch of delicious fruit toppings. Toppings, people.

There’s the Banana Foster French Brioche

Bananas Foster Brioche French Toast

The Berry Berry Brioche French Toast

Berry Berry Brioche French Toast

And the Peaches & Cream Brioche French Toast.

Peaches Cream Brioche French Toast

I’ll be honest, I hated French toast for years. Something about the whole egg and bread combination threw me off, but I really wish I could go back in time and shove my past self’s face into a plate of Brioche French toast. Pretty sure that would fix everything. Happy eating!

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