Watch This Entire IHOP Staff Brawl With Each Other Inside The Resturant While A Baby Looks On

When people think of breakfast time brawls, the Waffle House probably comes to mind, but not this time. This time, it went down at an IHOP in Whitehaven, Tenn., and the ENTIRE STAFF was involved.

The incident was caught on film and shows several female employees throwing blows, swinging chairs at one another. All while a baby cried feet away, no less.

Reports confirmed that two sisters, Janika Nellums and Shanika Strickland, were arrested on assault and vandalism charges Saturday June 19, after the brawl.

Memphis-based, WMC Action News reported that an argument broke out inside the restaurant and incited the brawl, which spilled into several parts of the restaurant.

This brawl occurred during actual business hours and several customers were inside while the staff was yelling obscenities and fighting among themselves. During the altercation (1:10 minutes into the video) one of the women picked up a high-chair and tried to break it over the head of another women. Then, in retaliation, (1:20 mark) another women  grabbed a butter knife and began slashing it wildly into the crowd. A man can even be heard shouting, “She’s got a knife! She’s got a knife!”

At least two employees are seen holding a baby during the altercation, the baby can be heard crying throughout the entire video.

By Evan Lancaster

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