In Case You Missed It: Jamie Oliver Kidnaps Harley of Epic Meal Time

Screen Shot 2013-05-27 at 8.56.45 PM

Look. I’m all for a Greek salad or two on a hot day. Here’s to cucumbers and romaine. But a three-foot, “25-veg” cabbage patch quilt wrap? That’s a little cray. Then again, what would you expect from an Epic Meal Time parody?

Chef, health-food crusader, and British guy Jamie Oliver was kidnapped by the EMT team earlier this year, and decided to take revenge. EMT host Harley Morenstein remains trapped and bound in an unseen basement, shouting unruly epitaphs while Oliver teams up with the vegan versions of EMT’s DJ BBQ and Muscles to make an absurdly huge veggie wrap, because “f**k leeks.”

If the feud continues, I hope EMT shows Oliver how to make a less healthy version of the aforementioned wrap. Veggies are fine. Nutella is better.

By Aziza Sullivan

Aziza Sullivan has always enjoyed three things in excess: food, writing, and sleeping. While the first two are happily combined, the third tends to get in the way, since it turns out the average reader is uninterested in sleep blogs. She also enjoys coffee, probably too much, if there is such a thing.

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