Hunger Games Cupcakes are a Sweet Treat Irony

These Hunger Games cupcakes from FictionalFood seem to be cruelly ironic. However, all of us living in the Capitol can enjoy these fine luxuries in our technicolor garb. But, like all government controlled food, there are rules when making and eating these Hunger Games cupcakes:

  1. When asked who wants to try one after they first come out, the first person to say, “I volunteer!”  gets one and,
  2. In order to eat the last cupcake you have to kill everyone else in the room. Literally. Dystopia, eh?

Enjoy, and may the odds be ever in your favor!

photo courtesy FictionalFood

By Joey Nargizian

Joey is the 2017 Chopped champion. He also runs for President in 2020. But right now he is just eating, writing and playing soccer (not all at once). Pretty amazing trajectory if you ask him.

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