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How To Take Action To Support The #BlackLivesMatter Movement

black lives matter

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We are at a critical point where education and action are the best ally to flex anti-racism and ensure that black lives matter. The action begins with acknowledgement and learning, with an ongoing thread that includes support for the greater good of equality and change we want to see.

Below are a list of resources available to help make a difference and establish that progress is made in the fight to support the movement towards equality.


Black Lives Matter

Color of Change

The Movement For Black Lives

NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, Inc.

UndocuBlack Network

The FF

The Innocence Project

National Bail Out

The Bail Project

Campaign Zero

Unicorn Riot

ACCE Action

National Police Accountability Project

Twitter thread of bailout funds in various cities.



Justice For Breonna Taylor

Justice For Tony McDade

Color of Change



Advocacy and Civil Rights Toolkit

Talking About Race – Being Anti-racist

Campaign Zero – Solutions

Equal Justice Initiative – Tragic Death of George Floyd Reveals Continuing Problem of Police Violence

The National Museum of African American History and Culture – Talking About Race



Support LA’s Black-Owned Restaurants

Black-Owned Restaurants In Los Angeles

Black-Owned Restaurants In Orange County

Support The Bay Area’s Black-Owned Restaurants

The Ultimate List of Black-Owned Farms & Food Gardens

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