How to Make Mini Gooey Donut S’mores

Happy National Donut Day! Assuming you’ve already visited all of your local donut shops for your free donuts, I’m going to suggest going a step further and commemorating this momentous occasion by making a donut treat of your own: Donut s’mores! It’s a super easy recipe replacing your garden variety graham with a mini cinni donut. Yum-O!

Donut Smores

Mini Donut S’mores

(makes 1 dozen s’mores)


  • 12 mini cinnamon donuts
  • 6 marshmallows (the s’more-making size)
  • XL Hershey’s Chocolate Bar


  1. Cut donuts in half like you were slicing a bagel.
  2. Cut mallows in half to create two shorter mallows.
  3. Toast mallow halves in toaster oven until soft and light golden brown in color (about 2 minutes).
  4. Place mallow half onto bottom donut half, top with one piece of Hershey’s chocolate bar, and return to toaster oven to get the chocolate just a teensy bit melty (about 15 to 30 seconds depending on how hot the toaster still is).
  5. Remove from toaster oven, top with other half of donut, and holy goodness, dig in.

If cinnamon donuts aren’t your style, feel free to use powdered, chocolate glazed, crunchy, or whatever other flavor mini donut you can find. Celebrate donuts everywhere by making this really simple and really tasty treat today!

By Becky McKay

Becky McKay is known around the Internet blogosphere as "The Cereal Baker," most often responsible for not following any rules in the kitchen. She is currently on a mission to cover every food in the world with some level of chocolate.

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