How To Infuse Your Rice Krispie Treats With Brownies


Rice Krispies Treats and brownies are two of the most convenient desserts around. They’re neither too sticky, nor too soggy to carry around all day and munch on.

Oh Bite It! came up with a brilliant recipe for Rice Krispie Treat Brownies that combines the best of both desserts into one time-saving bite.

All you need is brownie mix, rice cereal, marshmallows and butter.

First make your standard Rice Krispie Treat in a standard springform pan. Once it’s complete, press down on the marshmallow-cereal mixture until it’s as flat as possible.

Now, you’re gonna get started on making that brownie mixture.


When everything’s mixed together and you have a nice smooth batter, pour it on top of your Rice Krispie. Even out the brownie mix as it seeps through into your rice mix.

Set the oven to 350 degrees and bake for 3o minutes until it’s firm. Once it’s out, let it cool and you’re ready to serve.

Oh Bite It! also recommends using marshmallow creamRice-Krisp-Brownies drizzle. Looks and sounds AMAZING.

Photos: Oh Bite It!

By Peter Pham

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