How to Forever Change the Way You Cut Grapes in Half [Video]


Using the same, ahem, method as the cherry tomatoes hack, Laura Mullins Goodhue revealed to the netizens the secret world of grape-cutting mastery. Goodhue posted the video below of her husband teaching her how to cut a load of grapes in half in mere seconds.

Like all semi-spectacular things, the fruit hack was shared via Facebook and has since garnered nearly 200,000 shares. For those with little ones or who simply enjoy snacking on decapitated grapes, this one’s for you.

Picthx Ana

By Charisma Madarang

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Are we going to post a story every time someone uses the same cherry tomato hack?
Next week, are you going to post a story about how some yokel in Arkansas cut in half a bunch of olives by putting them between two plates?

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