How to Eat Dinner Like a Lady (or Gentleman)

Attention all slovens: Are you one of those people who drinks wine straight out of the bottle and reuses the same bowl for every meal without washing it in between? Well, Gemma Correll’s cutesy illustrations may be of help. Here, she demonstrates proper dinner etiquette, for those times when courtesy (and actual cutlery) are required.

For the right way to sit in your chair, pretend as if a cat is in front of you and a mouse is behind you.

Just remember: BMW (bread, meal, water).

Never intercept a pass! Remember, hungry people can be angry people.


Once you’re finished with your meal, place your knife and fork diagonally facing the upper left part of the plate. Think of them as arms on a clock in the 11 – 5 position, also known as I’m-freaking-full o’clock.

Via Cup of Jo

By Emily Villanueva

Emily is a border-dwelling San Diego native who was raised on authentic Mexican food. As a result, she has guacamole running through her veins and would wallpaper her house in tortillas (seriously). When she's not stuffing her face, she's stuffing her head with delicious literature and music, because brain food is important too, kids.

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