How This Brilliantly Boozy Scammer Stole $60,000 In Wine


If you’re gonna use a stolen credit card to buy booze, you might as well go all out. Such was the case with a con man who tricked multiple restaurants into sending him about $60,000 in wine, reports the Evening Standard.

The guy pretended to be the agent of professional footballer Didier Drogba. He then requested multiple deliveries of expensive wines using stolen credit cards, including $44,000 of Lafite and Pétrus. Chef Daniel Clifford of Midsummer House sent a cab driver to deliver the wine, which he later learned was delivered to a local McDonald’s. There’s a red flag.

A similar grift occurred at Pied à Terre, where a man called in as a “fixer” for “rich Arab clients,” asking for a bottle of Cristal, three magnums of Cristal and a vintage Pétrus worth about $12,000. Also with a stolen card. As of yet, the con artist has not been identified.

Police say they have no leads. We’re gonna call him the “Fine Wine Bandit.”

h/t Grub Street

By Peter Pham

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