Hot Dog-Shaped Hamburger Just Might Be a Wiener

Sure, there might be no real need to make your burgers look like hot dogs, but instead of asking “why?” try asking “why not?”

Enter the Ham Dogger. Just stuff some ground beef into the hot dog shaped plastic container, toss it in the fridge and have the perfect grilling party costume for your recently deceased bovine friend.

And just imagine the other possibilities the Ham Dogger opens up as well. It’s an easy way to make regular sausages without casing. Or you can throw in some cake batter and make a more authentic looking hot dog cake. Geekologie even suggested it would make a pretty good dick ruler, but I’ll leave that kind of stuff for the rest of the office to figure out. In any case, this nine inch piece of long white plastic still seems pretty rad.

The Kitchen Art Ham Dogger can be found online for $6.29.

[Via Incredible Things]

By Dominique Zamora

Dominique would be a foodie if she had money to pay for food. For now, she gets by just looking at food photography, which results in at least one more starving journalism student every time Instagram breaks down.

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