Horse Meat Sushi is a Japanese Delicacy, Because Neigh


Nikuzushi, a sushi restaurant located Japan, specializes in meat. In fact, that’s pretty much what Nikuzushi means, “Meat Sushi.”

The gourmet sushi restaurant is known for one protein in particular, and it’s not something you can find at the bottom of the ocean — a popular variety of horse meat sushi.

Patrons can order an eight-piece spread of different horse meat cuts for about 1,600 yen ($15 US). Among the cuts were akami (lean meat), harami (belly), nakaochi (back) and negi toro (diced fatty meat wrapped with seaweed). According to Rocket News, most of the horse meat from Nikuzushi was flown in from Canada. This is due to the fact that Canadian horses are apparently leaner and less gamey than their native Japanese counterparts.


If equestrian meat is too adventurous for you, the restaurant is also said to serve a pretty tasty cut of beef. Maybe start there and work your way to the horse stuff.

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By Peter Pham

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