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Cap’n Crunch Drops a New Sprinkled Donut Crunch Cereal


After last year’s scandal (see: Cap’n Crunch is a Liar and a Fraud), it seems that the Cap’n is attempting to redeem himself with a rather ambitious new cereal. The new dessert-breakfast features sweetened corn and oat bits covered in the signature multicolored sprinkles of your classic frosted donut.

No word on how this newcomer actually tastes but we have high hopes. Just don’t try to pull another fast one on us Cap’n and none of that Froot Loops-all-taste-the-same nonsense. We want bona fide donut-flavored cereal and nothing but.

H/T The Impulsive Buy

By Charisma Madarang

Charisma has an undying love for gritty literature and drinks coffee like water. She also hails from Toronto, Canada and is a die-hard Maple Leafs fan, sigh.

7 replies on “Cap’n Crunch Drops a New Sprinkled Donut Crunch Cereal”

Ate it. Very sweet (obviously). More like “cake batter” flavor than anything else. The sprinkles were a nice textural change up that added crunch to the soggy rings when soaked in milk. Made the milk an unappealing blue tint. Not a rebuy for me.

Yet everyone blames fast food for making people fat. You want to know why america has an obesity problem, look no further than crap like this and your local grocery store.

No one is making anyone buy it. America has a self control problem. Most people that chose to eat fast food for lunch etc, could pack a very healthy lunch for much less $ than eating out. A turkey sandwich, an apple, and some trail mix make a good one, for example.

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