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High Alcohol Kombucha Is The Beer Replacement You Didn’t Know You Needed

You know kombucha, the trendy drink that vegans and health nuts made famous? It’s not as outlandish as you’d think. In fact, variations of the fermented tea are actually pretty tasty, and also packed with some potential health benefits.

Although the drink has naturally occurring alcohol in it (duh, fermentation), varieties with higher alcohol content have been made to satisfy your desires to inebriate. With some having alcohol content up to par with beer, this twist on classic kombucha can do the job of your beloved brew for less calories, in a way that might even be considered healthy.

Whole Foods, BevMo, Bristol Farms, and other stores are starting to stock up on this boozy beverage, usually found near the beer. To help you find the best of the best, here’s some of the top choices, in order of highest to lowest alcohol content.


The master brewers at BoochCraft wondered if there was a way to up the already natural amounts of alcohol found in typical kombucha. And it was a success. With 7% alcohol by volume, this organic and raw kombucha will keep you buzzing without the heaviness of your classic cider. They even have six unique flavors to keep things interesting.

apple + lime + jasmine

grape + coriander + anise

turmeric + tangerine + ginger

grapefruit + hibiscus + heather

watermelon + mint + chili

ginger + lime + rosehips

Boochcraft Kombucha! These are amazing! Super yum.

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Unity Vibrations

Also 7% alcohol by volume, Unity Vibrations was the first to craft the kombucha beer. The gluten-free alternative to your favorite stout, their unique flavors are full of depth and even boast healthy nutrients. Their flavors include rasberry, ginger, and bourbon peach, all of which are so good that you’ll forget you’re indulging.

Boochcraft Kombucha! These are amazing! Super yum.

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Kombucha Dog

Although their alcohol content is only 1.4%, it’s still a delicious light drink that can be enjoyed without overdoing it. The alcohol content is slightly higher than your average kombucha, allowing for all the probiotics and beneficial acids to be preserved. The bottles also feature dogs looking for homes and on their website you can look for adoptable pups.