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Hershey’s Celebrates ‘Kissmas’ With Ugly Sweaters And Santa Hats


While we haven’t quite arrived at Thanksgiving yet, many companies are getting ready for Christmas. In the spirit of the festive holiday, Hershey’s released a slew of candies wrapped in Christmas-themed foil.


Variations include Santa hats, Christmas sweaters, Christmas trees, and Christmas gifts. Though the chocolate company is sticking with the term Kissmaskissmass-trees

The Santa hats, Kissmas sweaters, and Kissmas trees are available in an 11 oz bag, and the Kissmas gift chocolates are available in 9 oz bags. Prices vary depending on the design.


These are definitely something cool to fill stockings with this Christmas. The chocolates could easily be a go-to option in case you’re looking to save some money on gifts this season.

By Peter Pham

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