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Here’s What Starbucks Cups Would Look Like If They Partnered With Spotify


Graphic artist Jack Lalley came up with an interesting concept while taking a break from his regular duties. The UK-based designer decided to combine both Starbucks and Spotify into these vibrant cups that feature musical artists and a lyric from one of their hits.

He posted the series on his Behance page which garnered nearly 19,000 views. You can see the designs below in greater detail.




The artists on Lalley’s cups feature a mainstream set of Kanye West, Drake, Ariana Grande, Adele, and Justin Bieber.

We reached out to Lalley to see which was his favorite from the set.

I’m probably most proud of the Kanye West cup, I never planned to use Kanye as one of the artists. Being a fan of his, I used him to test out the concept of the cups I had in my head, just to see how it would visually look. I actually really liked how it turned out and decided to keep it in the project.

We’re almost certain, while there were only five artists featured, it would have taken a fair amount of time to get the design done. We asked Lalley what he would do next if he kept this project going?

One idea I really liked was correlating the Starbucks menu items with the specific lyrics. So for Christmas time when they do their mulled wine, I think it would be cool if that came in a Bing Crosby cup with White Christmas lyrics and so on, through the different items they offer. It would also be really cool if the location of each Starbucks came into play, so the artists and lyrics that were used were local to each shop.

Lalley stresses that he has no affiliation with either Starbucks or Spotify and that this was a passion project rather than something for profit.


Photos: Jack Lalley

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