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Here’s Proof McDonald’s Chicken Nuggets Are Actually Made from Chicken

Battling rumors that their McNuggets contain the notorious pink slime, McDonald’s Canada released a video tour of one of their factories in London Canada.

The process begins at their de-boning department, where whole chickens are sliced up and the chicken breast is set aside in a separate bin. The breast meat is then ushered into the “blending room” where it’s ground up and blended with seasoning and chicken skin.

Next, the lovely mash of beige is formed into the four official chicken nugget shapes and covered with a light batter, followed by a thicker, tempura batter. From there, the lil’ nuggets are par-fried, frozen and packaged for shipping. You can peek the full walk-through below. We can’t guarantee it’ll make you crave a happy meal but hey, at least it’s “bona fide” chicken.

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By Charisma Madarang

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5 replies on “Here’s Proof McDonald’s Chicken Nuggets Are Actually Made from Chicken”

I think this was a good move by McDo’s. I can’t count how many times I’ve had to correct the airheaded liberal anti-everything clowns whining about how their hamburgers aren’t even beef…. when their patties are just beef without binders or fillers, they add salt/pepper when grilling, that’s it.
But I admit, I did think there was some kind of filler with the mcnuggets, ha! I did always wonder why people think they’re so clever to say “What part of the chicken does the Mcnugget come from, there’s no chicken parts shaped like that!” …. and you have to explain the concept of ground chicken to a grown adult.

Honestly… this isn’t bad. This happens in small scale even in every organic butchery, when they want to produce Sausages for example. Besides the forming into shapes… but this is also nothing bad.
The real shitty stuff happens before they hang those chickens on those hooks. It’s how they feed, rise, kill and prepare those chickens to get to this factory.

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