Here’s How to Make Munchies White Chocolate Bark

Earlier this year, I moved to Boulder, CO from the east coast. I have to say the people here are quite passionate about three main things: the outdoors, organic/free-range food, and well, you know the third. While I’m working on participating in the first, the second two don’t interest me much. Regardless, I aim to please, so I thought I’d throw together a little homage to the passing of Amendment 64. FritoLay is already on point with their awesome (and fittingly named) Munchies snack mix: Doritos, Cheetos, Sun Chips, and pretzels? Yes, please! But I thought I would add some chocolate, subtract the cheese fingers, and multiply your joy with this tasty Munchies Bark.

Munchies Bark



  1. Line cookie sheet with wax paper.
  2. Melt chocolate chips and spread on wax paper.
  3. Take the Munchies by handfuls, give them a little squeeze to crunch them up a bit, and strew them evenly about the chocolate. (I used maybe 3/4 of the bag, but feel free to use as much or little as you see fit).
  4. Definitely make sure you pick out all the pretzels, break them up a bit, and add them to your bark.
  5. Give everything a little press into the chocolate, stick it in the freezer to set, and then break apart and consume when ready.

In regards to the snack mix itself, I am of the personal opinion that the ratio of pretzel to cheesy items is too low (hence my suggestion to use them ), but my “better” half feels they are completely unnecessary and eats around them. Different strokes for different folks. But this sweet and salty combo is something that we both agree on… and I am pretty confident you will too.

By Becky McKay

Becky McKay is known around the Internet blogosphere as "The Cereal Baker," most often responsible for not following any rules in the kitchen. She is currently on a mission to cover every food in the world with some level of chocolate.

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