Here’s How To Make Faux Loko Gummi Bears – Highly Caffeinated, Highly Alcoholic


From the same boys who brought you Buzzy Gummy bears comes a new, revamped and caffeinated version to up the ante. Inspiration hit them when they received word of these Energy Gummy Bears. The site selling these chewy treats, Vat19, heralds the Energy Gummies as the “chewable, delicious candy bear we all know and love infused with the energy-boosting ingredients found in popular energy drinks.” Vat19 claims that each pack of bears is equivalent to a “single energy drink” minus the hyped-up effects you can get from excessive doses of sugar and caffeine.

The recipe for these Loko-like gummies is simple:

1) Place the Energy Gummy Bears in a bowl.

2) Fill up the bowl with Bourbon to about an inch above the gummy line.

3) Let them chill in the fridge for 5 days.

4) Remove them from the Bourbon and enjoy. The now Bourbon-soaked bears will be double the original size.

The effect is a light lil’ buzz laced with a mild caffeine wakefulness. The happy hour chefs recommend staying away from trying this recipe with vodka, as its harsh taste proves overwhelming. The Bourbon on the other hand, “[mellows] out the gummi’s flavor, and the smokiness [cuts] it.”

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By Charisma Madarang

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