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Here’s a 12 Minute Mortal Kombat Cover of Subway’s ‘$5 Footlong’ Song


The Mortal Komband is a Georgia-based pack of miscreants who decided to make a 12-minute Subway $5 Footlong music video while wearing Mortal Kombat costumes. Not well, mind you, but with respectable vigor. The video pays an awfully discordant homage to everyone’s favorite smelly sandwich chain and features cameos by Jax, Mileena, Sonia Blade, and Jonny Cage — as well as a few game tie-ins like a tubby Jonny throwing photos of himself and lead singer Sub-Zero holding up a frozen sub.

Unless you’re a hardcore MK fan, high, or deaf, you can probably watch less than a minute of this thing, then be on your merry way. Everyone else, well, more power to you.

H/T Kotaku

By Dominique Zamora

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