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Here’s 14 Ways To Level Up A Simple S’Mores

Is there anything more heavenly on a hazy summer night than a gooey, crunchy s’mores?

Obviously not. S’mores are everything and we all know it.

But as much as we all love the traditional equation of graham cracker + marshmallow + chocolate = perfection, we would like to kindly challenge you all to step up your game.

That’s right, we’re calling you out.

So, to the brave s’mores pioneers among us, we salute you with these 14 new ways you can upgrade your s’mores this summer. Now get toasting.


Grilled Peaches, Dark Chocolate, and Brie S’mores

Peach Smores 2

Sweet peaches, that looks good. Add some bitter dark chocolate to compliment the gooey sweetness of the peach slices, and use brie cheese instead of marshmallow. But don’t be sad about not getting to toast anything — it’s a little known fact that peach slices are AMAZING when grilled.

Do what you will with this information.


Strawberry Shortcake S’mores 

Strawberry S'mores

In this twist, the graham crackers get the boot for a much, uh, softer replacement. Use some buttery biscuits to sandwich this sweet explosion of strawberry shortcake flavor: sliced strawberries, marshmallows, and melted chocolate. Hit the road, strawberry shortcake, you’ve met your match.


Lemon Meringue S’mores

Lemon S'mores

Lemon lovers, rejoice! Your favorite meringue has been downsized to  something more bite-sized. Spread some lemon curds on your s’mores and replace your regular milk chocolate with some white chocolate to perfectly compliment the sweet and tart taste we know and love.


Thin Mint S’mores

Thin Mint S'mores

This is not a drill. Sandwich your toasted marshmallow and chocolate in between two crunchy Thin Mints and leave the world you know behind. The best part? You can do this with ANY KIND OF GIRL SCOUT COOKIE. Samoa s’mores, Shortbread s’mores, Tagalong s’mores — the options are limitless.

Good thing it’s Girl Scout Cookie season, because this would be a huge tease otherwise.


Salted Caramel S’mores


Looking for some decadence this summer? Well sit back, relax, and let this salted caramel s’mores do the work, because this ish is straight up luxurious. Drip some salted caramel in between your layers of chocolate and ‘mallow for some high class s’mores action.


White Chocolate and Blackberry S’mores

Blackberry Sm'ores

All the best parts of pie, in the palm of your hand! Does it get any better than that? Combine the sweet, juicy flavor of blackberries with the sugary taste of white chocolate, and finish it off with a toasted marshmallow and your graham cracker “crust.”


Cookie Dough S’mores

Cookie Dough S'mores

To hell with salmonella! You’re going to eat this raw cookie dough with your s’mores and you’re going to like it. If cookie dough isn’t your thing, try replacing your graham crackers with two chocolate chip cookies for the full cookie flavor and none of the virus-related panic. (No, but seriously, if you don’t like to eat straight cookie dough, get out.)


Bailey’s Marshmallows S’mores

Bailey's Marshmallows

And what would summertime be without lots and lots of booze — even in your s’mores! Dunk your marshmallows in Bailey’s and let them soak in all that flavor and, of course, all that alcohol. Then, make your s’mores as usual and prepare to get your buzz on in the most delicious way.

Pro Tip: Don’t like Bailey’s? Try bourbon marshmallows instead — a different, bolder flavor that’s just as boozy.


The S’morrito

S'morrtio 2

Welcome to the Thunderdome, my friends. Things are about to get crazy up in here. Introducing: the S’morrito.  The S’morrito is the following things wrapped in a flour tortilla: marshmallows, one graham cracker, chocolate, bacon, peanut butter, and jelly. This is essentially the King of all s’mores. Bow down.


Pretzel S’mores

Pretzel S'mores 3

Salty and sweet is a time honored flavor combo, so why not enjoy it in your s’mores? For a salty crunch, replace your boring graham crackers with two pretzels! And if you’re really looking to take things too far, dip that whole pretzel s’more in chocolate and freeze for a few minutes before enjoying.


Savory S’mores

Savory Smore 3

People are always putting s’mores in a box. “S’mores have to be sweet,” they say. I don’t know who “they” are specifically, but they’re out there, oppressing s’mores every day.

Break the mold this summer and go for a savory s’more instead. Our favorite? Wheat crackers instead of graham crackers, prosciutto instead of chocolate, and goat cheese instead of marshmallows. In-sane.


Pizelles S’mores

Pizzelle Smores

Are you over graham crackers? We don’t blame you, they’re such squares (See what I did there?). To up your cracker game, don’t use crackers at all! Instead, try sweet Italian pizelles.

They have the sweet, crunchy taste and texture of a waffle cone and a larger diameter. Why do I mention that, you ask? Well, it just means more room for melted chocolate and marshmallow. Boom.


White Chocolate Pineapple S’mores

Pineapple S'mores

Looking to take a vacation? Well, we can’t send you on one. But we CAN send your taste buds on vacation with this tropical AF s’mores recipe.

Toast up your marshmallow and put it on your graham cracker, as usual. Then add some white chocolate and some sweet pineapple slices to compliment the sugary flavor. And, just sayin’, we bet that toasting pineapple over the campfire is BOMB.


Waffle S’mores

Waffle S'mores

As if we needed another reason to love waffles, now they can be used IN S’MORES. Toast up two waffles (or one, if you want to be fancy and make an open-faced s’more) and use them to sandwich all the gooey deliciousness of your marshmallow and chocolate.

Just imagine all the fluff and melted chocolate in all of those little waffle crevices. I can’t handle it.
Now go forth and start experimenting s’more! (Almost made it without a single s’more pun. Too bad.)

By Tessa Newell

Tessa lives and writes in Sturbridge, Massachusetts where she hoards an obnoxiously large collection of scarves and puts queso cheese on everything she sees. Although she looks short and tiny, Tessa can eat several cheeseburgers in one sitting and will do anything for a spoonful of peanut butter. Or a whole jar, whichever.

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