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The Most Popular Food Words At Coachella According To Twitter

Weekend 1 at Coachella has finally come and gone, at the blink of an eye for the people who went, but seemingly over the course of a month for the people forced to look at pictures and videos because they couldn’t go.

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While there were a staggering 3.8 million tweets about Coachella over the 3-day weekend, they weren’t all about how Kanye showed up and did nothing, or about Ke$ha showing up to perform with Zedd and rocking everyone’s faces off. In fact, a lot of tweets were about the food! These are the top 10 words tweeted about Coachella food.

  • “Vegan” – A large majority of the vendors this year were vegan-based, so this makes sense.
  • “Watermelon” – Sounds weird, but walking around in the heat all day then seeing someone dive into a huge slice of watermelon will bring out the crazy jealous person in you. It did for me.
  • “Brunch” – Honestly, breakfast/brunch is about the only time people eat, since they spend the rest of the day rolling and drinking and snorting. This makes very much sense.
  • “Dinner” – I assume this comes mostly from the Rose Garden, a VIP establishment that costs an extra $600 to attend, but provides the finer things like 14-course meals and actual chairs to sit on.
  • “Pizza”  -The easiest meal by far to walk around with, it comes as no surprise that pizza was a hit, considering how much walking everyone had to do every day to go from tent to tent.
  • “Cheese”  -See “Pizza”
  • “Water” – The heatwaves beating from the sun all day were brutal, especially the hard partiers that couldn’t wait til nighttime to do their drugs or take their shots. Water was key to success, and unlike DJ Khaled’s paranoid preachings, they DID want us to have water. You know, to survive and whatever.”
  • “Grilled” – While many food items were grilled, I personally believe the vendors from the Grilled Cheese Truck were the cause of this trend, selling over 15,000 freshly made grilled cheese sandwiches to all the festival attendees.
  • “Breakfast” – By far the most important meal at Coachella, breakfast is the only reason anybody was able to party on the second and third days. I assume many tweets were something along the lines of, “Thank God I ate #breakfast this morning or else I’d be dying. Now time for shots and Disclosure!”
  • “Lunch” – Of course, if breakfast, brunch and dinner all make the cut, it likely comes as no surprise that lunch found its way onto this list. I mean, we all talk about food all the time anyways, I wouldn’t have been surprised if this made the list for top 10 most tweeted words ever!

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So what do you think? Are you guilty of one of these tweets?



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By Sean Fahmy

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