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Heinz Mayochup Is Officially Coming To The United States

Recently, ketchup giant Heinz debuted a condiment called “Mayochup” in the Arab Gulf States. Despite its current popularity in several parts of the world already, this combo of ketchup and mayo set the internet abuzz, with many people clamoring for it to come to the United States. Apparently, enough have demanded Mayochup’s US debut that Heinz is willing to make it happen.

For those wondering, Mayochup is the same thing as Fry Sauce or Salsa Rosada. They’re all equal blends of mayo and ketchup, just with different names and usages. Fry Sauce is quite popular in Utah, and, as the name implies, is often used as a dip for French fries. The same goes for Salsa Rosada, which is widespread in South America. Colombians are huge fans of Salsa Rosada, and serve it as a salad dressing or a dip for a cold shellfish course.

Heinz utilized a Twitter poll to determine consumer interest in their Mayochup, stating that if 500,000 people voted yes by the time the poll closed, they would honor their word. As of late evening April 13th, 55% of 909,092 voters selected “yes,” which is more than enough to eclipse that target.

Heinz has since officially confirmed that the condiment will hit U.S. shelves, but has not given a specific timetable as to when that will happen. In the meantime, they’re letting the public come up with a different official name to launch the product under. Me? I’m leaning towards “fry sauce.”

By Constantine Spyrou

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