‘Roadkill Law’ Makes Harvesting Roadkill for Dinner Legal in Montana


A law will go into effect this month that makes it legal to harvest roadkill in Montana. The state’s legislation stems from the waste of over 7,000 animals killed by vehicles last year. Before you get too grossed out, the law focuses more on larger game such as deer and moose. Because that makes it better.

The new law would give drivers 24 hours to harvest the meat of animals they accidentally kill with their vehicles. Citizens will be required to complete an application online with the Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks agency within 24 hours of the crash. Upon completion the driver will be able to print out a permit that gives them permission to claim the animal.

There are a few caveats to the law. The entire carcass must be taken, not just harvested on the side of the road for specific parts. The meat must also be eaten not used for bait. Opposers to the bill are concerned that this will encourage motorists to intentionally run down the animals in hopes of getting a free meal.

Another concern is whether or not it’s a health risk to consume roadkill.

Popularity is growing for the statute with many requesting an app to make it even more convenient for someone to harvest their accident in a more timely manner.

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By Ashley Khawsy

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2 replies on “‘Roadkill Law’ Makes Harvesting Roadkill for Dinner Legal in Montana”

What’s to stop them from doing it already? I’m in Ohio and I know of a guy who patrols the roads every day during this time of year for deer that have been hit within the last 24 hours (24 hours since he’d been down a particular road) and picks them up, throws them into the back of his truck (if they’re big ones he has a friend help him) and drives off. He’s never once been busted doing it or turned in by anyone driving past him.

I mean, who’s going to turn him in? If I would see a couple of guys loading a deer onto the back of a truck, I’d think nothing of it, assuming it’s the county or something cleaning up the roadway. Which they never do. So this guy who goes around collecting the animals is doing us a favor because this time of year it’s very common to see dead deer (I’ve seen 3 just in the last week) and there’s one that’s still lying in the same spot it was in 2 weeks ago and I’m so tired of my heart being broken all over again every time I have to drive past it. So I think this guy is doing some good. Car vs deer is pretty much a daily thing around here, especially in the month of November.

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