Harry Potter Beers We Wish Were Real, from ‘Sorcerer’s Stout’ to ‘Deathly Hops’

harry potter stout

One of the biggest disappointments in recent “food history” occurred when Universal Orlando’s Harry Potter-themed “Butterbeer” turned out be a non-boozy, butterscotch sham. A necessary shortcoming for the kiddies, yes, but nonetheless, a disappointment for us grownups.

So, what’s a 21-plus Potter fan to do when they’d like nothing more than to hit up Three Broomsticks for a pint? Combine their love for puns and Harry Potter, of course. At least, that’s what digital media artist Anita Brown decided to do. Brown paired each book in the series with its own punny style of beer. What we get is a beautiful display of cheeky brews, from the Sorcerer’s Stout to the Deathly Hops.

Unfortunately, these have yet to become a real thing. Sigh, a muggle can only dream.





Head over here for the rest of the series.

H/T Design Taxi, Photo Courtesy Anita Brown

By Charisma Madarang

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