Hepatitis Scare Forces Over 3,500 Hardee’s Customers To Get Vaccinated


If you’re a fan of Thickburgers and sexy commercials, this might make you take a step back.

Apparently, an employee at a South Carolina Hardee’s was infected with Hepatitis A, and now there’s a lawsuit against the burger place, according to The State News.

The lawsuit says that Hardee’s should require Hepatitis A vaccinations and that they put people in danger by not doing so.

According to the CDC, Hepatitis A is a liver infection, is highly contagious and can be transferred orally. However, you’d have to come in contact with the infected person’s fecal matter in order for the virus to transmit. If the infected worker didn’t wash his hands correctly, or stuck his hands in his backside, like this Ohio Taco Bell employee did, the virus could have spread to others as he handled the food.

The Hardee’s locations at 12209 Greenville Highway, and at 1397 E. Main St. are the two restaurants that were in question, and according to WSPA, any customers or staff who ate or drank at there between Aug. 31 and Sept. 15, 2015 could have been exposed.

South Carolina’s Department of Health and Environmental Control have already treated more than 3,700 people for possible Hepatitis exposure after word got out that the worker had it.

By Isai Rocha

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