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Hardee’s New Cajun Chicken Fillet Biscuit Is Gunning For Chick-fil-A’s Iconic Spicy Biscuit

It’s been more than a year now since Chick-fil-A got rid of their beloved Spicy Chicken Biscuit. Avid fans, however, could actually get their hands on one if they were lucky enough to live near one of the few locations that still made them.

With the spicy chicken biscuit void in the fast food world, Hardee’s is attempting make a claim for the throne with their new Cajun Chicken Fillet Biscuit. Brand Eating reports this new menu addition will be a spicier version of their existing chicken biscuit that’s served on their breakfast menu. It’s essentially a crispy chicken fillet tossed in Cajun spices and thrown into a “Made from Scratch” biscuit.

Spicy chicken biscuits are few and far between in the fast food world, and one of the most delicious ones in recent memory was hands down Chick-fil-A’s. We haven’t had a chance to try Hardee’s variation yet, but rest assured, they have some pretty spicy shoes to fill if they want to claim that breakfast sandwich title.

While Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s made some major improvements in their biscuit recipe a few years back, they’re not quite there yet when it comes to bridging the gap between buttery dough and juicy white meat. Still, maybe this new item will prove us wrong and capture our hearts like a stubborn Pokemon nestled in a tuft of tall grass.

Hardee’s Cajun Chicken Fillet Biscuit is only available for a limited time at participating locations. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to find them at their sister brand Carl’s Jr.

By Peter Pham

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