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An Australian Brewery Creates Hard Seltzer Dispeners

Photo: Moon Dog Craft Brewery

A Melbourne, Australia-based brewery is creating some buzz around its invention of a hard seltzer dispenser based on growth from its Fizzer seltzers collection. Moon Dog Craft Brewery’s creation has been trialing so far at Moon Dog World and is patent-pending according to BrewsNews.

However, thanks to a major grant from Manufacturing Modernisation Fund, the hard seltzer dispenser is ready to roll out to a number of bars and venues. This innovation is another win for the hard seltzer segment, which is poised to have another impactful and fruitful summer. Hard seltzers are only going to get more popular and with inventions like the Fizzer hard seltzer dispenser, the beverage’s ubiquity is inevitable.

For Moon Dog Craft Brewery, riding that wave is going to be a smooth ride, as they look to install 1,000 systems in the next 12 months.

By Reach Guinto

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