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McDonald’s Meets Brunch In This Sexy Happy Meal Benedict

HAPPY MEAL BENEDICT! Waffled French fries, cheddar cheese patties, and a whole lotta eggs benedict #PHAAT

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Fast food and brunch never really seem to go together. I mean, sure, Jack in the Box has a brunch menu, but it’s missing out on yolk porn, mimosas, and hollandaise sauce. Can you imagine how dope it would be if a fast food place sold an Eggs Benedict?

Thanks to our Foodbeast friend The Naughty Fork, we don’t have to imagine anymore. She’s created a Happy Meal Benedict that takes fast food to the next level. It’s got some pretty rad McDonald’s twists to the classic Benedict, such as waffle fries in place of English muffins.

The Happy Meal Benedict is a meal worthy to grace the brunch halls of any establishment, fast food or otherwise, and the food porn shots displayed on this bad boy are evidence enough of that.

We’ve crafted and seen some amazing fast food recipes before, but the double ooze from the egg yolk and hollandaise on this one may just make it the sexiest of all time.

By Constantine Spyrou

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