HANGRY: The Science Behind Being Both Hungry And Angry GAHT DAMN IT


‘Hangry,’ the terrible feeling that lies somewhere between being hungry and angry, has all hit us at one time or another. We’ve snapped at a loved one before. We’ve even tried to tip over a malfunctioning vending machine that just ate our last dollar, all because it was probably eating better than us.

No? Just me?

So where does ‘Hangriness” come from?

We’ve been hungry before, but we don’t always fill with rage every time our stomach rumbles.

When we eat, our food turns into nutrients that circulate in our bloodstreams until it gets to our organs and tissues for energy. The longer we go without eating, the nutrients circulating begin to decline. Our brains need a decent blood-glucose level to properly function.

If not, every-day functions like concentration becomes harder to do. The brain, low on sugar, will tell your organs to increase glucose. This causes adrenaline to be synthesized from adrenal glands. The adrenaline lingers until you’re in a high-stress situation…then you snap.

Thus, hangriness occurs.

The folks over at Mashable came up with a guide to different types of Hangry people. Whether you’re in the office or at the club, Hangry can happen at any time. Luckily, the infographic also features different ways to alleviate those symptoms.

Check out the graphic below. The next time you face a Hangry moment, you’ll be prepared.


Graphic by Mashable, Cover image MorgueFile

By Peter Pham

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