The Halal Guys Is Now Serving Up Spicy BBQ Chicken

This content created in partnership with The Halal Guys.

Besides being known for delicious and reliable street food, The Halal Guys is also famous for their punchy sauces. Beginning as a street cart in New York City, the restaurant has exploded throughout the US, driven by their savory platters and simple, effective sauces. Creamy, mellow white sauce, dastardly spicy red hot sauce, tangy BBQ sauce ‒ all are staples to meat platter craving customers. Now, they’re combining two of them to make the newest addition to their menu: Spicy BBQ Chicken.

The hot sauce and BBQ sauce are combined to give their BBQ blend a twist. Then, it’s drizzled onto some perfectly charred chopped chicken and sizzles on the flat top, allowing the flavors to infuse. 

The new sauce isn’t as mouth-searing as the regular hot sauce, but does give enough oomph to accentuate the flavor of the BBQ sauce without making less tolerant palates run away with their tongues wagging. 

Regardless, I’ll take another line of hot sauce. Thank you.

You can find Spicy BBQ Chicken as an option for platters and gyros at any one of the 90+ The Halal Guys locations in the US and Canada for a limited time.


This content created in partnership with The Halal Guys.

By Reach Guinto

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