Guy Starts Kickstarter to Make Potato Salad, Wins The Internet


What we have to assume started as a joke has apparently won over the internet. Zach Danger Brown, launched a Kickstarter project to fund potato salad. Seriously. All this dude wanted to do was make potato salad and according to his project description, he hasn’t decided what kind yet.

The original goal was $10 just to buy the ingredients for said potato salad, but after two days the project already has 324 backers and has raised $1,608, which means it’s over 16,000 percent funded. After day one, several stretch goals were added to the project such as making two potato recipes, using better mayonnaise, live streaming the construction of the potato salad, and renting out a party hall for a potato salad party.

The pledge levels are just as entertaining as the stretch goals, pledge $3 and Zach will send you a taste of the potato salad. For two extra bucks, aka a $5 pledge, you’ll get to choose an ingredient to add to the potato salad, as long as it’s “potato salad appropriate”. The highest pledge available is $50, but you’ll get all the rewards as well as a book of potato salad recipes inspired from backers around the world.

There’s still 27 days left for the project, at this rate Zach Danger Brown will be making potato salad for days.

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By Ashley Khawsy

Ashley believes in breakfast for dinner, sushi burritos, and the fact that there's always room for dessert. She moonlights as a pastry chef baking up sweet treats for her business, Smashbakes.

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I may have eaten a potato salad in the past. While the one in the picture looks good, I don’t think that the one I ate was extremely similar.

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I’m a little depressed that the internet has no problem giving thousands of dollars and media outlets are giving thousands of dollars worth of free promotion to some random guy for something stupid like this, but I’ve only been able to raise $10 in two days in a campaign to help me self publish a novel. I think I’ll go curl up in a ball and cry now.

Sorry to hear about that.
But, don’t give up!

Start a new campaign, this time for your novel AND a potato salad following the 2 recipes of this guy – and then show the link to his successful campaign (wait until his campaign is finished).

People are bored and like crazy stuff. And my idea is crazy enough and is like a follow up episode of his pilot.
I give it to you in exchange for a dedication note in your book. 🙂
It may work, just try!

Dave, you need to post your link here for more exposure. Post the hell out of that bitch! Don’t be ashamed to pimp your kickstarter. The goal will be worth the means.

I get you. Had a similar experience. However, you should know, it doesn’t cost one read cent to self publish a novel. It doesn’t. Check with some of the online writer’s communities. If you’re paying, you are being ripped off. Good luck in your writing career. (Psst, Amazon has a writer’s forum, but don’t use it. Use their ABNA forum instead. The writer’s on their meet our authors site are mostly just into self promotion. The ones at ABNA tend to be a bit more serious and down to earth.)

People who give money to junk like this are asshats. Seriously. Peruse some of the causes on Indiegogo and Kickstarter. Then shame on you if you waste money on something like this. There are real businesses, non-profits, and people who could really make use of even a quarter of this much funding. And they actually deserve it. Not funny, even a little.

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