That Infamous GUM Wall In Seattle Is Finally Coming Down


One of Seattle’s more unique sights is the infamous wall of gum. The Market Theater Gum Wall, as gross as it may sound, has become a cultural phenomenon throughout the state of Washington. Now, it looks like that wall is coming down.

While not as impactful as the Berlin Wall coming down, losing the Gum Wall is still a pretty big deal. What began as a ’90s habit of sticking gum on the wall of the Pike Place Market quickly turned into a long-standing tradition to locals and tourists alike.

This tradition, however, has left the wall one of the most germ-ridden spots in the world.

Sadly, the Los Angeles Times announced that the wall will be clean in a few days. On Nov. 10, the wall will be steam blasted through Nov. 13. That’s gonna be a lot of gum coming down.

Officials from the market expect, however, that a new wall will soon take its place.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

By Peter Pham

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