Grubhub is Offering New York City Free Lunch on May 17

Grubhub is giving all of New York City (and the surrounding areas like New Jersey and Long Island) FREE lunch on May 17th.

No one values lunch more than those who live in The Big Apple, according to a new survey conducted by Grubhub of 1,000 New Yorkers. While New Yorkers appreciate lunch the most (81% valuing it more now than pre-pandemic), skipping lunch is fairly common with 69% not eating lunch altogether because they’re just too busy.

Grubhub is helping the entire New York City change this bad habit with its latest campaign, #FreeForLunch. On May 17th, if you live in New York, you can claim a free lunch by using Grubhub and the promo code “FREELUNCH” between 11am and 2pm. Your lunch will be free if your bill is within the $15 range. Even if your meal is over $15, the credit will still be applied to your bill.

To make sure you actually save the time to eat and enjoy lunch, Gruhbub will send anyone in NYC a calendar meeting invite, available on both Google and Outlook, ensuring that you have a great lunch with no interruptions. Put those IMs on mute.

Follow along with Grubhub’s details while counting down the days until free lunch!