Green Bean Bacon Bundles

Two is always better than one and I’ll prove it to you right now. What’s better then having cooked green beans…? Having green beans wrapped in bacon! I should have studied to become a lawyer with those analytical skills… these Green Bean Bacon Bundles are the combination of two unlikely ingredients married together with an unrivaled swagger.

Want to make these for yourself? To start off, bundle together a handful of green beans with a thick piece of bacon. Make the glaze you want to brush onto your bacon bundles in a separate pan with a little butter, brown sugar and garlic.  Throw some salt and pepper on these bad boys before you put them in the oven and you got finger food for a king. (Thx HowSweetItis)

By Andrew Musclemilk

Andrew spends his time between the gym, the basketball courts, the other gym, eating protein, and locating new gyms.

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