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Greek Yogurt Suddenly Levels Up These 7 Unexpected Foods


Let’s be honest about Greek yogurt — it’s pretty boring stuff. Why else would companies make a dozen flavored ones? Staring at a spoonful is about as exciting as watching our nails dry, so we are on a mission to incorporate this good-for-you snack into some of our favorite meals.

Pizza Dough


Photo: The Skinny Fork

You heard us. A dish that can be enjoyed any time of day, hot or cold, pizza is our fifth food group. And get this: there are two-ingredient recipes out there. Two! Make your own next time and throw a DIY pizza party. Doing so will allow you to delegate purchasing beer to everybody else.


Fudge Pops


Photo: Kitchen Lab Project

Dessert is how we celebrate the best of times and the worst of times, so converting it into a treat is a no-brainer. Blend with chocolate almond milk, and locate those popsicle molds. Ah, now chilled, hand-held happiness is within your reach. Bonus: you’ll have extras to share (or not).




Photo: Little Bitty Bakes

If there’s a way to make flapjacks good for you, we are all in. Assembling this stack with our designated ingredient makes for some protein-packed perfection. Think it’s too healthy? Bring a handful of chocolate chips into the mix. Now pass the maple syrup.


Avocado Ranch Dip


Photo: Hey Wanderer

When in doubt, we say craft a party dish. Find us someone who says no to avocado or ranch (allergies excluded), and we’ll slap some sense into them. Greek yogurt’s tart attitude plays well with others, making it the perfect meeting place for raw veggies, chips, and maybe on that chicken sandwich for tomorrow’s lunch.


Fettuccine Alfredo


Photo: Eat This, Not That! 

Of all the pasta indulgences, we avoided this one forever once we learned how much fat this sauce contained… until now. Sans flour, heavy cream, or eggs, substituting with this single item makes up for a trio of richness that’d otherwise go straight to your hips. With so few ingredients, we suggest using some quality Parmesan and pasta. Oooh, and grilled shrimp. Now what time can we come over for dinner?


Overnight Oats


Photo: Fit Foodie Finds

Greek yogurt on its own is “blah” until layered with tasty delights and stashed in the fridge until morning. Add oats, spice, milk, yogurt and whatever sings to you (we’re fans of flaxseed and protein powder). Then either shake it (if you’ve got a lid) or give a thorough stir to get things mixed up. When it’s time for brekkie, this concoction will provide that punch of energy that’ll last longer than those donuts.




Photo: Eighty Twenty

We’re squeezing in a slaw for good measure, because veggies! You might count lettuce leaf and tomato slice in a burger as “salad,” but we feel less guilty with a recipe including carrots, cabbage and green onions. Quick to throw together, cool down a spicy burger with ‘em, or have it accompany that next batch of fried chicken. You’ll be thanking us for that bonus crunch and tang to your meal.

By Anne Marie Panoringan

Anne Marie judges people based on their handshake, and isn’t afraid to use “hella” in a conversation. She has a thirst for unsweetened iced tea, Spam musubi and cheese.

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