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Gordon Ramsay Admits He Cut The Line At Franklin’s BBQ And Got Away With It

Franklin’s BBQ is considered to be one of the best barbecue spots on the planet. It’s only natural that such a popular spot would have a line that lasts hours long. In fact, Franklin’s BBQ takes their patrons’ patience so seriously that they’re strict on cutting in line. A while back, Kanye West tried getting a pass at some of their BBQ and was told to wait his turn. Sorry, Yeezy.

However, during a late-night interview with Jimmy Kimmel on Jimmy Kimmel Live, chef Gordon Ramsay revealed that he did get cuts at the iconic BBQ joint.

The reason, Ramsay gave, was that chefs tend to look after one another when it comes to these things. So he just hopped in through the back and got his BBQ fix without arousing any suspicion. Guess Kanye’s gotta start a new career in food if he wants to avoid that wait.

Ramsay did say that this dining experience was so good it was the first time he ever had to ask for a doggie back to take home from any restaurant. Sounds like our trip to Frankin’s is now long overdue.

While on the show, Ramsay also shared with the audience what his top 5 worst Halloween candies were.

By Peter Pham

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