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VICE Launched An Extensive Eating And Drinking Guide To The City Of Chicago

Chicago—it’s known to most as the Windy City and/or the champion of deep dish pizza, but in actuality, Chitown is simply the greatest city in the States, according to Chicagoans,, and Google. Chicagoans are probably at least slightly biased, but we trust the latter two with all of our deep dish-loving hearts.

The media hub VICE recently teamed with Google to strategize the ultimate guide to navigating the city, using historic Halsted Street as a backbone. From arts and culture to sports, to food and drink, of course, the guide covers multiple aspects of the city in both written and visual form.

A pairing of video (Streets by VICE: Chicago) with a written guide and map to the best neighborhoods, bars, eateries and more, allows those who’ve never known Chicago to peer through a window-like portal into the richly complex city. Peep these samplings from the guide to Chicago’s coolest places to savor and slurp:




‘By far the best in town.’ The pizzeria resides in Lincoln Park.

Art of Pizza 

art of pizza

Two words: Stuffed. Pizza. Also voted #1 deep dish by the Chicago Tribune.

Jimmy’s Pizza Cafe

jimmys pizza cafe

Come for the white thin crust pizza. Stay for their “orgasm-triggering” garlic knots. 

Italian Beef



If it’s wrong to love a Chicago dog this much, we don’t want to be right.

Al’s Beef 

als beef

They’ve got spots all around Chitown, which means that many more opportunities to indulge in that GRADE A BEEF.

Jay’s Beef

jays beef

Of Wicker Park. VICE recommends ‘the grilled chicken sammy for a change of pace.’ 


DMK Burger Bar

DMK Burger Bar

They had us at ‘Parmesan Truffle Fries.’

Au Cheval

au cheval

The fancy schmancy stop is among several top lists from Zagat, Time Out, USA Today, and more. We’ll excuse the ‘bougie’-ness. 

Big & Little’s 

big and littles

Aka, the joint where Guy Fieri wolfed down some of their foie gras fries that one time. 

Everything Else



‘Out-fucking-standing Korean fried chicken and rice bowls.’ We’ll take it! 

Tango Sur

tango sur

We’ve never heard of a BYOB Argentine steakhouse, let alone an ‘affordadable’ one, but now that we know this exists life won’t be complete until we Tango!

Honey Butter Fried Chicken

honey butter fried chicken

Fried Chicken with Honey Butter… is this what Heaven’s made of? 


Spyner’s Pub

spyners pub

Unassuming on the outside. Kickass ‘lesbian karaoke dive bar’ on the inside. 

The Violet Hour

the violet hour

It’s obvious this bar takes their drinks as well as themselves seriously, but the floweriness is worth it. Get yo fancy on! 



Craft beer. Bumpin-n-grindin’. Fair chance of getting laid.

For the full guide head to the VICE Guide to Chicago.

By Molly Shannon

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