These Guys Drank Each Other’s Urine Through A Portable Water Filter [WATCH]

If you’ve ever watched Good Mythical Morning on YouTube, you know the hosts are a couple of daredevils who will pretty much eat anything, in any weird combination they can think of.

That fearlessness can be horrifying, especially when it leads them to drinking each other’s urine.

Why would they do this? Well, because a reader asked for some survival advice, which led the GMM crew to test out a portable water filter called a LifeStraw.

As you can see, even when filtered, it’s still unpleasant, it’s still warm and it’s still urine.

The crew didn’t stop there, though, as they also drank their buddies’ bath water, water from the L.A. River, and water filled with cat poop. Yeah, this video is not the most appetizing, but sure is funny as hell.


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