This Revolutionary New Pill FINALLY Lets Gluten-Free Folks Eat Pizza And Beer


Those suffering from celiac disease know how it feels to miss out on gluten-heavy foods like bread, pizzas, or even beer. CBC News reports that a new pill will allow those with a gluten-free diet to enjoy gluten.

Hoon Sunwoo, an associate professor of pharmaceutical studies at the University of Alberta, has developed a pill that may change the way someone with celiac disease can experience foods.

Sunwoo has been working on the pill for nearly a decade. Essentially, it uses egg yolk antibodies to cover up gluten and lets it pass through the body without causes any damage or discomfort. One simply has to take the pill five minutes before eating or drinking. The pill should give them one to two hours of gluten protection.

The pill, however, is defintely not a cure for celiac disease. In fact, a gluten-free diet is still strictly enforced. The pill is only a temporary aid to help gluten-free people enjoy foods that would usually make them sick.

Safety clinical trials began two months ago and efficacy clinical trials are expected to start next year.

By Peter Pham

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