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Glenfiddich’s New Fashion Collaboration Redefines Wealth and ‘Suiting Up’

Scotch is often seen as the spirit of the super-wealthy but Glenfiddich Single Malt Scotch Whisky is looking to change that perception in more ways than one. Most recently, the launch of The New Standard harnesses fashion collaborations with the Waraire Boswell Brand and Rowing Blazers.

Glenfiddich describes the collabs as a re-imagination of traditional symbols of wealth, like the power suit and briefcase. The spirits brand enlisted the two contemporary fashion houses to give these symbols a refresh. The results are co-branded luxury sweatsuits, banker bags, and embroidered patches. All pieces were created to challenge societal norms by prioritizing quality, function, and versatility in their design, without sacrificing professionalism or style.

Waraire Boswell Brand’s reinterpretation of the power suit resulted in a sweatsuit, inspired by the hues of Glenfiddich’s Solera 15 Year Old bottle, Malt Master Brian Kinsman, and the Scottish Gaelic translation of “Glenfiddich” into English: From the Valley of the Deer. The subtle touches of his design, such as the Glenfiddich Stag icon, have a huge impact, as it meets Waraire Bowell’s logo in a careful alignment that’s also a re-contextualization of how a sweatsuit can be adorned.

“When I began the journey to redesign the power suit, I dug deep into the Glenfiddich brand – from its colors, heritage, and continual staying power, which has many synergies with my label,” says Boswell, the Founder of Waraire Boswell Brand. “Practicality is essential in all my designs and comfort is as practical as professionalism. In today’s world of distancing and endless video meetings, the sweatsuit I created with Glenfiddich solves for flexibility and versatility — a major need for both today and tomorrow.”

For Rowing Blazers, community and conversation are at the forefront of its designs. Inspired by the stories intrinsically woven into the process and spirit of Glenfiddich, the reimagined briefcase is a work-to-leisure creation. 

“I am thrilled to soon unveil our playful trade-up of the briefcase, complete with a bottle-piece attachment for Glenfiddich toting, and offering a versatile shape for flexibility in what it holds and where it goes,” says Rowing Blazers Founder, CEO and Creative Director Jack Carlson. “As with all of our designs, every element is crafted and chosen deliberately to spark interest and influence. It will absolutely be a conversation starter, just as Glenfiddich is.”

100 percent of proceeds of each product sold will benefit the GoFundMe Basic Necessities and Justice & Equality Causes, as well as the Small Business Relief Fund with the goal of uplifting and funding those focused on entrepreneurial pursuits.

“The Great Resignation” has everyone rethinking about what’s important and what it means to be “rich.” In response, Glenfiddich recently released a study that reveals individuals’ personal definitions of professional success and how those same individuals believe society defines professional success are misaligned. In response to this, Glenfiddich is embarking on a larger mission to break from the paradigms of status and expand the definition of wealth.

Previously, the brand released its #Richest25, a subversion of traditional “Rich Lists,” which featured both Boswell and Carson among its honorees.

Boswell’s sweatsuit as well as and Rowing Blazers’ banker bag and patches are on sale now at

By Rashaun Hall

Rashaun is a digital/social media strategist by day, and a spirits and beer enthusiast by night. A native of the great state of New Jersey, he loves the NFL, his Jack Russell Terrier and a good cocktail obviously.