World’s Largest Gingerbread House Uses 7,200 Eggs and 22,304 Candy Pieces


As a kid, I never got why Hansel and Gretel were so easily tricked by a gigantic sugar caked, artery clogging house in the middle of the woods, but now I understand.  Thanks to volunteers from A&M Texas Traditions Club,  we have the world’s largest gingerbread house, which is big enough to actually be a home. Using 7,200 eggs, 22,304 pieces of candy, a ton of butter, and 36 million calories later, this genius was built.  The construction of this house was done as a charity event for the trauma program at St. Joseph Hospital, and they have raised over 150k from the 600 customers that come each day. The sugary bememoth is open until December 14, 2013 and has set the Guinness World Record for largest gingerbread house.

I don’t know what it is about the winter that makes people want to build structures in its honor, but this season we’ve also seen the world largest gingerbread village. Let’s keep it up people! Before New Years I want to see the first gingerbread city.

H/T DesignTaxi

By Thiong'o K. Ngugi

Thiong'o is a writer based in Irvine California. He is also a performer at ImprovCity.

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