Old NES Cartridges Refurbished Into Boozy Flasks


Over twenty years ago the Nintendo Entertainment System was the console to have. Fast forward to 2013, cartridges are considered ancient in the gaming world with CDs and downloadable software replacing these once great rectangular relics. With technology constantly evolving, what’s a gamer to do with their old NES games? Turn them into flasks, of course.nes-flasks-2

Some fellas over at Ink Whiskey have designed the perfect way to pay homage to your beloved NES games, while also making them into practical flasks. The Ink Whiskey Concealable Entertainment flask is adorned with parody labels of some of Nintendo’s most famous games. The cartridge is about the size of your run-of-the-mill flask and slips easily into a back pocket. These dudes even took it to the next level and decided to conceal the cap as part of the cartridge.

Ink Whiskey developed a Kickstarter campaign for this throwback project and with less than two days left to go they’re already overfunded. Their website states that the store will be open soon, so you too can sip some Grey Goose out of a Castle Vodka flask. If you just can’t wait, you can guarantee yourself first dibs on an Ink Whiskey Concealable Entertainment Flask by supporting Ink Whiskey’s Kickstarter for $15.

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By Ashley Khawsy

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