Gatorade Used Zero CGI To Create This Insane ‘WATER MAN’

Practical effects are the reason why films like Jurassic Park and the original Star Wars trilogy were lauded as some of the best in their respective franchises. What one can accomplish with some ingenuity and dedication typically pays off in the long run.

Take Gatorade’s latest advertisement, for example. FStoppers reports that the sports beverage company created what they claim to be the world’s first “water man” without using any computer generated imagery.

Using 2,000 switches and triggers, millions of water drops are frozen in place with the assistance of strobe lights and caught on camera. This meticulous process is photographed thousands of times until the water forms an animated man doing a variety of active things.

Color us impressed, Gatorade. You can check out the minute-long ad in the video embedded above.

Wonder if a man made out of water gets thirsty?

By Peter Pham

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