This is What a Game of Thrones Dinner Looks Like


We recently got the opportunity to attend a Game of Thrones-themed Dinner at Bow and Truss in North Hollywood, California. In a room filled with Game of Thrones die-hards, we were greeted by a medieval platter that would have made any fan cry tears of joy. Ommegang, a brewery based in New York, teamed up with Bow and Truss to bring us this meal in anticipation of their new brew, Take the Black Stout.  As far as GOT-themed dinners go, they couldn’t have done better (short of actually taking us to Westeros).


Roasted Rabbit and Duck Served with Gravy

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The duck was  rolled in walnut and honey with an orange-based sauce, then marinated for over 24 hours for that “extra kick.” The ground work was set by the executive chef Stefhanie, a long time fan of the show, who was given the creative freedom to make the meal her own. Stefhanie compared being a chef to being an artist, explaining that “cooking is like painting except with Carcasses.”

This was certainly true for the meal that consisted of whole duck, pig, rabbit and salmon. Among these, the ones that stuck out were the rabbit and the salmon. The rabbit had a lively quality to it, springy and soft, but warm and tender. You could taste all the nuanced flavors of the meats, while the fish had a light lemon tang. An interesting note: Stefhanie herself was a vegetarian and even though she never tasted any of the meat dishes, everything  had an underlying logic to it —  the mark of a true artist at work.


Heirloom Tomatoes, Carrots, and Smoked Onions 



The food came together in a beautiful blend. The smoked onions gave a gentle crunch; the carrots a lovely soft texture; the potatoes a delicate creaminess.  The smoked artichoke blended seamlesly with the dinner’s medieval theme. The meal left you with this warm glow in your stomach. Needless to say, we felt like kings.


Take The Black Stout – Brewery Ommegang



And of course, the whole event was to feature Take the Black Stout, a brew created by Ommegang and inspired by the Nights Watch in Game of Thrones. The new brew features a sweet coffee taste complimented by fruity undertones of raisin and plum. The end result was a beer that went  hand in hand with the sumptuous meal, leaving us gloriously stuffed.


Bow and Truss

11122 Magnolia Blvd

North Hollywood, CA


By Thiong'o K. Ngugi

Thiong'o is a writer based in Irvine California. He is also a performer at ImprovCity.

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