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Watch Furious Pete Crush Nearly 100 French Fries In A Single Bite

I used to play this funny game with my friends when I was a kid and we all went to eat out. We’d try to see how much of whichever food (chicken nuggets, marshmallows, grapes, or french fries) that we could fit in our mouths at once.

Just kids being kids.

Even today, I don’t think I could match what Canadian competitive eater Furious Pete just pulled off.

Pete recently uploaded a video to his YouTube channel in which he grabbed a hundred fries and attempted to shove them all in his mouth. He didn’t make it easy on himself by going for all of the small fries or anything like that, he just pulled 100 out of a massive pile and attempted to stuff them in his mouth at once.

It’s pretty crazy to watch Furious Pete pull this incredible feat off. Sure, he a lost a couple of french fries that fell out on the way in, but to get that amount of potato in your mouth at once? And then chew AND swallow it?!

I was a little worried initially because Pete’s face goes pretty red while trying to eat the giant mouthful of fries. But he was able to get the whole bite of fries down.

No wonder this dude is such a champ competitive eater.

By Constantine Spyrou

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