This Is The Most Instagramable Booze On Social Media

According to Insider, Bar Primi in NYC is serving something called Frosé and it sounds delicious.

It’s also beautiful.

#Frosé Friday 🍓

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The creators of the Frosé bought a slushie machine, poured a bottle of Rosé in it, along with strawberry pureée and some vermouth and called it Frosé.

This frozen cocktail closely resembles a daiquiri which is a popular frozen strawberry rum drink, only Bar Primi took the fancy factor to the next level utilizing the pink wine.

It’s definitely the next most Instagramable beverage of the summer, and it comes at an appropriate $14 a glass.

This pretty pink drink also hails from New York City, which is already on the map with its Instagram-worthy foods like Morgenstern’s beautiful black ice cream that blew up Instagram earlier this summer.

A lot of people are getting crafty with homemade versions of the beverage on Instagram, and there have been other frozen wine beverage recipes to come from the internet, but this is the first that uses Rosé.

Rosé has a reputation for being fancy as f*ck, and was even Andre The Giant’s drink of choice before entering the ring.

The Frosé looks to have a wonderful consistency to it, that no home blender can likely recreate using ice!

The fancy beverage has definitely made Bar Primi the summer drinking destination for New Yorkers.


Source: Insider Photo Credit: foreveranny

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