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French Toast Pizza Might Be The Greatest Leftovers Hack Ever

Leftover pizza isn’t exactly the healthiest choice we all have for breakfast (or whatever meal it’s available for), but sometimes, that’s all we’ve got for food. If you’re not a fan of cold pizza and reheating it in more conventional ways just isn’t cutting it, there’s a brand-new hack you can use to revitalize old slices of pie.

We found it thanks to YouTube channel Internet Shaquille, who’s created a slam dunk of a recipe hack by turning his leftover pizza slices into French Toast. By doing so, he claims that the egg “reconstitutes that stale, dry old crust” and reverts it to a crust that’s crunchy on the outside but soft on the inside.

It looks like the perfect intersection of pizza and breakfast, and I’m definitely going to be trying this out the next time I have a bunch of leftover pizza in the fridge.

By Constantine Spyrou

Constantine's life revolves around eating, studying, and talking about food. He's obsessed with eggs, gyros, and the future of food.