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You Can Get FREE McDonald’s Fries Every Week For The Rest Of 2018

It seems that McDonald’s is really pushing people to get onto their app right now. They recently released a MASSIVE dollar sandwiches deal on the app, and are following that up with an even cheaper deal for their French fries.

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Photo: Peter Pham

The initial discount was posted on McDonald’s Instagram account for National French Fry Day, which offered up free fries at any participating location with a minimum purchase of $1, and registration on the McDonald’s app. However, there is some fine print within the Instagram post that says the deal is good not just that Friday, but every Friday for the rest of 2018.

That means that any mobile order placed through the McDonald’s app, on any given Friday in 2018, can qualify for the free fries. You just have to spend a dollar or more to score them.

As good as that deal sounds, the app has a few more super cheap ones to get you through the rest of the year, as well. Once a day, you can get a McDouble discounted down to $1 (from a $1.69 price point). There’s also a $3 markdown on any purchase of $10 or more, a $1 any size coffee deal, and a $4.99 20-piece McNuggets deal that are all also under the same qualification terms.

McDonald’s is leveraging some mega discounts right now to get people onto their app and using it to up their mobile orders count. If that means we keep getting the price slashes, I’m all for it.

By Constantine Spyrou

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